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Butchers of Distinction

Astley & Stratton offer the finest locally sourced meats from British farms. With a passion for quality, we take great pride in providing our customers with the very best in premium meat products.

Special launch offer

6 Edgington Sausage Free. An award winning sausage made with one of Ben's unique recipes. A blend of traditional pork sausage and mixed herbs based on his late grandmother and her many talents.

Our Story

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My passion for exciting food has driven me to combine the best of traditional butchery with modern creativeness. Immersing myself in the butchery industry internationally as well as at home has given me the vision to make food exciting with new and innovative flavour combinations.  These experiences have sparked the desire to create refined modern food whilst still instilling core butchery values with every product meeting my high standards of excellence.

Ben, Founder of Astley & Stratton

Our best sellers, & recommendations

Fruit Pigs

Based in East-Anglia, Fruit Pigs are one of the only producers in the UK of traditional fresh blood black puddings. Their unique recipes lead to breathtaking flavour profiles for their award winning white and black puddings, which include a special haggis.

British Charcuterie

British produced, award-winning Charcuterie using only the best British pork and beef available creates a classic flavour with a modern twist. Lishmans of Ilkley leads the way in exciting flavour combinations having won Champion Charcuterie Producer of Britain along with many Great Taste Awards. 

The Cheese Shop, Nantwich

Providing only the highest quality cheese combined with loyalty to local Artisan cheese producers will enable a selection of fantastic British cheeses to be offered. Working with the expertise of well-established cheese mongers will ensure that the best cheeses are available at their peak.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Working closely with a local greengrocer enables Astley & Stratton to provide the freshest fruit and vegetables throughout the changing seasons. Visiting the markets on a daily basis allows only the best produce to be selected thus ensuring the highest quality.


Our range of fresh meat


Everything ranging from the best BBQ burgers to the perfect roasting joint.


Discover new and exciting ways our lamb has been prepared. 


Including traditional cuts, roasting joints, speciality sausages and oven ready meals.


Explore our selection of poultry products, ranging from the classic chicken fillet to poultry lollipops.

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